The 8th International Alliance of Urolithiasis (IAU) Annual Conference was held on Sept. 20~22nd, 2019 in Guangzhou, China. IAU was founded in 2012, which is a high-level international academic exchange platform representing the advanced development trend of international urolithiasis.

The conference covers the entire scope of urolithiasis management from basic research to various endourologic treatment modalities. During the three-day meeting, experts from 25 countries demonstrated high-level urolithiasis research to the world through 30 surgical presentations and more than 100 academic lectures and discussions.

Dr. K. Git from Malaysia made the report of “Making ESWL Great Again”, stating that “ESWL is still the first choice for stones of less than 1cm with lower complications which can be performed in an outpatient setting”.

Dr. C. Bohris from Germany released the report of “Differences in ESWL Technology” which indicates that ESWL boasts 88% stone free rate for less-than- 1cm stones and 75% for 1cm-2cm stones respectively.

Wikkon, as the leading ESWL manufacturer in China, attended the conference. At the meeting, a series of advanced products such as the innovative Extracorporeal Physical Vibration Lithecbole (EPVL) and ESWL with automatic localization system were presented. EPVL features a 90% stone free rate for stones after ESWL and other stone surgeries, which can also be used to treat renal colic caused by calculi with an effective rate of 80.1%.

Wikkon’s advanced products attracted plenty of international visitors. Doctor Gaurav h. Bavadiya from India showed great interests in this brand new stone treatment method and called it a revolutionary medical device.

Dr. Neeraj k. Aqrawal from India was very impressed with our erectile dysfunction treatment system E100. It uses Li-ESWT to stimulate angiogenic factors to improve erectile function. Li-ESWT has unprecedented features for ED treatment compared with traditional therapy, which has been approved in more than 20 countries and will be the next generation ED therapy device.

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