Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripter

Designed as a mobile compact lithotripter with a user friendly table-top panel, HK.ESWL-Vm comes equipped with a motorized flexible therapy head and dual imaging modes allowing for uninterrupted stone fragmentation procedures.


Joystick Remote Control (Table-Top)

Easy operation of the system using the joystick control panel

Dual Imaging Modes

  • Dual imaging modes using X-ray and ultrasound
  • Outline ultrasound allows shorter skin to stone distance and continuous real-time monitoring

Motorized Flexible Therapy Head

  • Over- and under-table treatment for users to easily select their preferred mode
  • Gain wider access of treatment angles with the motorized therapy head

Patient Table

  • Fully motorized table
  • Patient table can be used for diagnostics and examination

Why Choose HK.ESWL-Vm?

  • Real-time monitoring using dual imaging modes with no interruption of the procedure
  • Multiple access windows for optimal treatment angles
  • Electromagnetic shock wave technology with consistent and reliable energy output
  • User-friendly operation with joystick control panel
  • Easy transportability of the main unit and electrical cabinet


Product Video