Extracorporeal Shockwave Lithotripter

The newly upgraded HK.ESWL-V brings better lithotripsy performance, faster imaging system, a more user-friendly touchscreen, and so much more for the most extraordinary user experience.

Shockwave Generator

Electromagnetic/electro-hydraulic generator ensures consistent delivery and reliable energy

Low re-treatment rate

Revolving C-arm

Revolving C-arm for easy localization

Accurate positioning ensured by integrated isocentric shockwave head and X-ray system

Operating System

Remote and table-side control

High definition imaging monitor

Touchscreen and joystick control


Patient Table

6-direction motorized table,perfect for ESWL treatment

Patient table can be used as an operating table

Integrated design for fast and accurate positioning


Dual Mode Imaging

Dual-mode imaging using X-ray and ultrasound

Outlined ultrasound offers more accurate stone localization and continuous monitoring

Reliable digital archiving and acquisition system