Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripter

With its flexible and revolving arm design, HK.ESWL-109 can offer both over- and under- the table, ensuring patient comfort and precise stone localization.

Innovative Revolving Arm Design

Powerful shock wave source with a revolving arm provides lithotripsy treatment from both over and under the table, making it possible for patients with urinary, bladder, and kidney stones to be treated from a supine posture.

Flexible Therapy Head
The therapy head moves independently without moving the revolving arm, so patient positioning and ultrasound stone localization can be done with ease


Multi-use Table for Cost-Effectiveness

Movable motorized table could be used forother urological operations

 Joystick Remote Control

Console with 10” touch screen and joystick control for easy operation

Why Choose HK.ESWL-109?

  • Versatile patient table can that be used separately as an operation table
  • Simple and precise ultrasound imaging with auto distance measurement system
  • 230° rotatable shock wave arm to facilitate over- and under- table lithotripsy treatment
  • ±45° swinging therapy head that allows for multiple treatment angles to access various stone locations