Extracorporeal Shock Wave Lithotripter

HK.ESWL-108A is an integrated unit that consists of a patient table, a shock wave unit, and an ultrasound imaging system, designed to facilitate installation, usage, and maintenance.

Fully Integrated Design

Fully integrated shock wave system with patient table allowing smooth operation and maintenance of the device while saving space

Minimal Room Setup

Precise stone fragmentation without the need for extensive renovation

Quick Localization

Precise localization of stones and easily controllable from the table-side with a touch screen and joystick

Safe Operation

Ultrasound localization eliminates the need for radiation, making it a sager option for both physicians and patients

Why Choose HK.ESWL-108A?

  • Specially designed for under table localization treatment
  • Patient table is fully integrated with the main ESWL unit to save space and provide easier operation and maintenance
  • Therapy head with ±15° angulation for multi-angle treatment
  • Affordable ESWL for clinics