A new installation of WIKKON ESWL in Saudi Arabia shows that Shenzhen Huikang Medical Apparatus Co. Ltd. has been maintaining a stable manufacturing and servicing capacity.

In 2021, the world has entered a post-COVID 19 era and the world economy has undergone major shocks due to the pandemic. Unfavorable factors such as fluctuations in raw materials, skyrocketing international freight rates, and reduced interactions among international sellers have plagued almost all companies worldwide. Nowadays, WIKKON has taken the lead in opening up new markets around the world.

As one of the countries with the strongest purchasing power in the world, Saudi Arabia has invested hugely in the medical industry. WIKKON actively communicates with local buyers and the distributor in KSA. The installation of this new ESWL in a large medical center in the southern region of KSA demonstrates our unremitting efforts in helping local people to get better medical services.

Operating the new HK-ESWL-Vm lithotripter

Doctors are satisfied with the HK-ESWL-Vm

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